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Creative designer and passionate digital marketer, enthusiastic towards new experiences, keen on travelling and discovering ideas. Specialize in Word-Press, AdWords ,UI/UX design, info-graphics and Brand Identity to provide the best services for my clients.

Keep It Simple

Great way to start a business
Setting up a digital strategy to execute business is my specialty. Everything from website/app to lead generation and more.
Security and Delivery Mechanism
Online presence is important; but more than that, up and running when it matters the most is vital.
Modifying marketing Strategy
Creating and designing campaigns can be challenging, feel free to discuss my take on your marketing strategy.
Analytics and data-points
Fundamentally it's as simple as tracking website activities. Analyse and create funnels or algorithms.
Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy to make
your Business prosper

  • Marketing Platforms and Policy Compliance
  • Designing and launching marketing campaigns
  • Analytics and Re-marketing Data-Points
  • Designing marketing funnels and algorithms

Its vital that business owners understand layers to digital marketing , and most of the campaigns do not incorporate these methods which leads to avoidable cost. Designing delivering systems since 2011.

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Duklingia Tea Estate is an Estate on the river banks of a river surrounded by forest “Gibbon” and the nearest airport is just 12 kms away in Jorhat district of Assam. If you ever visit i’d love to show you around, – cheers.

Postal Address:
Duklingia Tea Estate, Jorhat Assam 785634 Inida

Envato HQ:
Duklingia Tea Estate, Jorhat Assam 785634 IN- Map

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+91 6901 878 566


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