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Websites – Branding

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Create a Strong Website /App
STEP - 1
Present your business the way you want. Incorporating powerful plugins and content delivery network (CDN).
Indexing the Website
STEP - 2
A one-roof solution to all website requirements | Be it finding the best hosting platform or the best rate solution while protecting your idea.
Design a Marketing Strategy
STEP - 3
Unique designed specific to a business determines the final outcome of it's success. Reach out to build a strong foundation with integrated dynamic features.
Lead Generation Algorithms
STEP - 4
Redesign /modify existing website to it's best business potential and maximize marketing abilities. Smooth Businesses operation on the move.

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Professional Design and Development Service
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Portfolio| Small-Business| landing-Page
  • Premium Themes /Templates
  • Indexing The Website
  • Info-graphics + Portfolio Catalog
  • SEO + Lead Generation Systems
Entrepreneur| Start-ups| Unique-Ideas
  • Research and Idea Design
  • Database Schema Development
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy
  • Funnels and Algorithm Designs
Shopify| Magento| X-Cart| Opencart
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • facebook + instagram integration
  • Automate User Experience
  • Order Tracking
Website Booster
  • Upgrade Themes/Pages
  • Social Media Integration
  • Image optimization and SEO
  • Blogging + Funnel Designing
  • Meeting
    Finalize Project
    Set up a meeting online or offline with work-flow discussion such as designing-developing process, delivery-time, working hours. etc along with payment terms and conditions.
  • Contract
    100% Success Rate
    Finalize business project -its delivery date and associated process and services.
  • Payment
    Don't miss on business operation
    from invoicing to advanced payments and fulfillment.
  • Delivery
    Always on time
    Final project files delivered -can be downloaded from provided channel or available to download from a personal dashboard tab.
Freelance developer assisting businesses worldwide

Adrian Purty -Web Developer
I’m always open for collaboration.

Website development has been the most rewarding and satisfying job for me at-last. It hasn’t been this way always. Growing up i followed my passion of flying and ended up becoming an avionics engineer -working my way up in the corporate world. I couldn’t help myself but wander if it mattered. But as they say, helping people is the most satisfying job of all. What more way to help than helping build a website for your business out of your idea. I hope you’re as excited as i am towards the journey ahead of us -together.

Marketing strategy to boost businesses from day 1 .

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Discuss some of the business-insights with me along with current marketing channels and save 20% on your next marketing campaigns -a developers perspective.

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